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Article 81

There may come a time in your life when a family member or friend becomes unable to care for themselves.  In the event this happens you may find it necessary to become that person's legal guardian.  The Law Office Of Gregg Cohen can help you navigate this complicated legal procedure.  Our office has experience as Court Appointed Guardians and Court Evaluators which provide us with unique experience in this area of law.

SCPA 17(a)

An article 17(a) guardian is generally appointed to allow a family to continue to care for their special needs children after the age of 18.  The Law Office Of Gregg Cohen can help you determine whether your child qualifies for an article 17(a) guardianship and represent you in the guardianship proceeding.  As a member of the AHRC Guardianship Committee, Gregg advocates for and on behalf of  men, women and children with special needs.