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Special Needs

Special Needs Trusts

Although government programs exist to provide for the care of individuals with disabilities, these programs are not guaranteed, nor do they fully meet the needs of most individuals. The Law Office of Gregg Cohen can develop Special (Supplemental) Needs Trusts to ensure that your loved ones receives their maximum government benefits while preserving available assets to maintain his or her quality of life.


In New York, your child is recognized as a legal adult at the age of eighteen. At this point, you will no longer be able to make legal, financial or medical decisions for your adult child. If your child is unable to make his or her own decisions due to a developmental disability or mental retardation, the Law Office of Gregg Cohen can assist with an Article 17A guardianship proceeding to preserve your rights.

We can also help you execute the necessary documents, such as a power of attorney, health care proxy, or limited guardianship if your child does not qualify for a 17A guardianship, yet he or she cannot independently meet their legal, financial or medical needs.

On-Going Needs

The Law Office of Gregg Cohen is always available to work with you regarding your loved ones rights and Medicaid and Social Security benefits and eligibility. We can offer guidance in regards to housing, such as group homes and section 8 eligibility, and employment, such as the “Medicaid Ticket to Work” program.